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Friday, May 09, 2008
I haven't exactly been keeping up with my New Year's resolution

[Hint: it has something to do with the frequency of my posts.]

I suppose I've just been distracted with the whole becoming-a-productive-member -of-society thing. Not that I haven't had post ideas. Here's a couple:

-How Islam is like prostitution
-What's right about Jeremiah Wright
-What's wrong with the political class and how to fix it (just kidding about the second part)
-Why we should ditch the UN (because I'd be the first ever to suggest that, right?)
-And a new one: invade Myanmar!

Okay, that last one is some pinhead suggesting that, by unilaterally (with or without UN approval) invading Myanmar and relieving its people from the predation of a tyrannous government, the USA could recoup some of the global goodwill we lost by unilaterally (and without UN approval) invading Iraq. And incidentally relieving its people from the predation of a tyrannous government. That's how I read it, anyway.
The others aren't necessarily time sensitive though. Could still get written. We'll see.

Silly boy! Myanmar doesn't have any oil.

We could, however, trump up the country's carbon footprint and invade on that pretense.
That'll do it, Steve: oil's not a politically correct "cause."

No doubt the b-tards've been bellyachin' about biofeuls as well.
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