Mister Pterodactyl
Friday, February 22, 2008
My comment at Vodkapundit
He liveblogged the Democratic debate yesterday. Which is good, I guess, because then at least we know that somebody watched. Right? Anyway...

"6:22pm: Meeting with the President is not a privilege to be earned, says Obama. Wonder what President O would think if I showed up on the White House lawn one morning, demanding a meeting?"
He'd think, 'gee, my Secret Service guys are kicking the crap out of some nut who just scaled the fence. What a bunch of jackbooted thugs. Hey, I wonder whats on TV! I sure
HOPE it's not Oprah or I'll have to CHANGE the channel.'

"6:57pm: Barack just made fun of one of Clinton’s anti-Obama lines, and Clinton is doing that weird face-thing she calls a laugh. The debate just ended. It’s too late. There is nothing Clinton can do at this point to turn this thing around....
I’ll keep watching, out of some strange sense of blogger duty, and because I still have a lot of brandy to go."
As they say down undah, 'good on ya, mate.'

Sunday, February 03, 2008
Ok, new rule
Next year, the pregame Superbowl hype cannot last longer than the Superbowl. Everybody got that?

I wonder if anyone is liveblogging. I'm not.

P.S. I'm not rooting for the Giants, so much as I'm rooting against the Pats. This logic will probably come into play again for the November election. Stay tuned.

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