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Saturday, December 06, 2008
Navy 34, Army 0

Seems like West Point never has a very good team. They can take heart, though, they're too busy learning to kill bad guys. And they have the coolest uniforms in all of football.
Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Yesterday Vodkapundit linked to this Steyn piece, calling it the Best. Fisking. Ever. Seems kinda long and triumph-y to earn that title; essentially Steyn debunks a couple guys who are stretching the truth and/or being deliberately obtuse in order to criticize something he wrote. Nothing special, really. But that's just me.

But you never know what's going to catch your eye. Here's Steyn quoting Oriana Fallaci quoting Ayatollah Khomeini: "A man who has had sexual relations with an animal, such as a sheep, may not eat its meat. He would commit sin."


When you hear a respected member of the clergy issuing guidelines on the proper way to do, well, anything at all, you might quite reasonably believe that the practice is common among that cleric's followers. And permitted, if not exactly encouraged. In this case, in other words, Bessie's in for a long night, Mohammed. Don't worry, the imam said it was ok.

But I think this 'no eating' rule is less a tacit how-to and more a deliberate, if backhanded, deterrent to barnyard love. Think about it. Do you really want to go to the neighborhood post-Ramadan barbecue and have to say no to the shishkebob? And then your buddies are all "come on, dude, you love shishkebob." And you have to say "no, no, you guys go ahead, I'm good." But they just won't let up until finally you have to explain why. Do you really want to have to explain why?

And then there's the uncomfortable silence. And that cute little burkha in the corner is eyeing Achmad instead of you. At least, as far as you can tell. Under all those layers. The whispering. The jokes behind your back. And so on. Not worth it, is my point.

Unless you're a vegetarian Muslim. Then it's all the hoofed hotness and fried okra you can handle.

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