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Saturday, June 28, 2008
The right to be ill mannered
So says Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom. She's exercised over a WaPo article: "The American Civil Liberties Union is threatening to sue the U.S. Naval Academy unless it abolishes its daily lunchtime prayer, saying that some midshipmen have felt pressured to participate."

The article quotes one anonymous midshipman: "'It became very obvious that you aren’t participating.' [She] said she went along with the practice at first because she didn’t want to stand out. But she stopped in her third year and stood at parade rest instead of bowing her head and crossing her arms."

I think Darleen Click doesn't know what parade rest is. Her immediate reaction: "Correct, you obnoxious twit, you would be obvious for your 'in your face, you god-botherers' sitting up looking around, clanking your fork against your drinking cup and doing the sotto voce version of 'get on with it, ‘rev’. My food’s getting cold.'"

The comments(over 120 of them) run various ways, but the majority seem to agree with her: not only that the ACLU, and the midshipmen, are out of line, but also why can't she just bow her head for 30 seconds fer cryin' out loud?

There's more, but that'll do for now. I really wanted to leave a comment, but the post was over a day old (on a very active multi-user blog) and again, over 120 comments already. I figured it was pointless to leave a comment that approximately zero people would ever read. So I decided to repost my comment here, where it'll have twice that audience! Okay, almost.

My comment (after reading through all the other comments too): "So the consensus here is 'why can’t that stupid atheist just shut up and go along with it?' Is that about right? If you’re annoyed by the ACLU suit, fine. I agree they could find bigger fish to fry. But if you think that standing quietly at parade rest is disrespectful behavior, you need to get a grip. Does it really make you so uncomfortable to be around nonbelievers that you’d insist they pretend to be praying? That’s pretty weak."

UPDATE: Hey, I was wrong. Somebody did respond to my comment. And, well, lets just say you can only expect so much in terms of civility on a topic like that.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
You Heard it Here First
[If only because I haven't heard it anywhere else. Caveat Emptor.]

Sarah Palin will not be the Republican VP nominee, okay? She won't. Maybe in '12 or '16 (depending on who wins in '08), but not now. She just had a baby in April. The baby has Down's Syndrome. She is not running for vice president this year.

I know: fiscal conservative, strong anti-abortion bona fides, well-named husband, young, executive experience and a record of ethical responsibility. But be real, people.

It won't be Jindal either. And it won't be another Senator. Put your money on Charlie Crist (Gov - FL) or Linda Lingle (Gov - HI) who by the way is a chick just like Palin.
Friday, June 20, 2008
Sign of the Times
"Hey, $3.99 a gallon! I should fill up here...."
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
He doesn't respond to emails. He doesn't respond to comments on his blog. What does he do? He mentions it in a short post at Badger Blog Alliance. Like anyone even reads that.

Mentions what, you ask? Well...

Every weekend I pick up a copy of the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Mainly for the crossword and weekly TV listings, but the comics and opinion section are good too. Page 2 of the opinion section has a regular feature called "Best of the Blogs," in which they lift excerpts from blog posts from around the state. Boots and Sabers is a relative regular.

[I'm sure the AP disapproves of this practice.] But anyway, last Sunday I opened it up, chuckled tepidly at the cartoons, and started reading Best of the Blogs. And the first line of the second one was kinda familiar: "Want to know how to make God laugh? Tell him your plans."

Go here to see for yourself.

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