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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
You Heard it Here First
[If only because I haven't heard it anywhere else. Caveat Emptor.]

Sarah Palin will not be the Republican VP nominee, okay? She won't. Maybe in '12 or '16 (depending on who wins in '08), but not now. She just had a baby in April. The baby has Down's Syndrome. She is not running for vice president this year.

I know: fiscal conservative, strong anti-abortion bona fides, well-named husband, young, executive experience and a record of ethical responsibility. But be real, people.

It won't be Jindal either. And it won't be another Senator. Put your money on Charlie Crist (Gov - FL) or Linda Lingle (Gov - HI) who by the way is a chick just like Palin.
Lingle's not nearly as good lookin'. I mean, I wouldn't call her a dog, but...
Yeah, but maybe we can put Hawaii back into play!
"I wouldn't call her a dog, I wouldn't call her at all!" Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
She's also single and twice divorced, which gives her something in common with a large percentage of voters.
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