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Sunday, October 15, 2006
John McCain: closet Bears fan?
Instapundit links to this Corner article recounting a Clinton aide's accusing Senator McCain of naming names to his Vietnamese captors. With all due respect to McCain, I suggest that the Big Guy has really missed the lede on this. To wit: "I never expected the Clintons or their allies to know much about Vietnam. But [it] is disappointing to see one of her spokespeople purposefully lie about John's war record and time in a Hanoi prison camp. There was no such tape recording; though he did once give up the starting lineup of the Green Bay Packers while under extreme duress. Senator Clinton's spokesperson does a disservice to all who were there and served so bravely and honorably." Emphasis mine, of course.

The Senator was captured in 1967, and released in 1973, a timeframe that coincides closely with the end of the Packers' early glory years (the Ice Bowl was played in December 1967; the Packers won the title again the following year, for the last time until the Holmgren/Favre era of the '90s). Mister Pterodactyl demands to know what the Senator knew and when he knew it, and what effect it may have had on our team's fortunes.
Thursday, October 12, 2006
We're arguing again...
Over at GJ's. Steve started it here and here. GJ himself weighs in with this. Then, I lose my cool. Don't miss the comments, there. Then, Lance gets involved. And I respond.

Have at thee.

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