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Sunday, November 16, 2008
By the way...
Did I mention that I went to the game today? My first-ever trip to Lambeau Field, believe it or not. It's a lot of fun, especially when the home team plays like they did today. Only 55 penalty yards!
Aside to somebody-who-knows-who-he-is: my game went a lot better than your game. Though I didn't think to bring a camera.

Couple notes. First, memo to Colin Cole, you have to be in the game to hit people. Try to keep that straight next time, okay? [Short version: Orton pass to tight end Greg Olsen in the 3rd, Olsen goes out of bounds and is hit by two things - Cole and the turf. In that order. The aforementioned penalty total could have been lower by 15.]

Second, you may not be aware of this but beer is a very popular beverage at Lambeau. [You may also be aware that the sun rises in the east.] I saw many of my fellow fans buying beer at the various food vendors, or hailing the ubiquitous Beer Guy. I thought of having one myself, seeing as I like beer, but I didn't. Why, you ask? Because they charge six frackin' dollars for a bottle of Miller Lite. SIX. Don't even ask how much the Leinie's was.

I am not paying six bucks for a bottle of Miller Lite. No way.

And here's a question for my fellow fans-on-the-scene today: do you know why a bottle of Miller Lite costs six frackin' dollars at our beloved Lambeau? BECAUSE YOU MORONS ARE PAYING SIX FRACKIN' DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLE OF MILLER LITE!
Look, we're all on the same side here. It's simple market economics, people. Stop paying six dollars per beer, and they'll stop charging six dollars per beer. Remember when gas cost $4.25 a gallon? Didn't want to buy it, did you? And now it's cheaper. Same concept, morons.

And then we can all enjoy a beer or ten without emptying out bank accounts and feeling like a sucker.

Go Packers!
Dad always did like you best.
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