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Thursday, October 02, 2008
About that VP debate
[NOTE: all quotes are approximate.]

I didn't even try to liveblog this one. I did intend to watch, but...

I missed the beginning. When I came in, the moderator was saying "well, neither of you really answered that question, but we'll be coming back to it throughout the evening." Chuckles all around. The next question: "who or what is to blame for the current economic crisis?"

Palin blamed predatory lenders. Biden blamed Republicans. And I threw my keyboard at the tv.

[Further note: my keyboard is fine, as it is very sturdily constructed. My tv is also fine, as my sturdy keyboard is not very aerodynamic and makes a poor missile. And my aim sucks. Mostly the second thing. I, however, lament the five minutes I wasted watching that crap. I hope the rest of the debate went better, but I wasn't taking the chance.]
Plus, Pitt and FSU were playing on ESPN at the time.
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