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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Lately Instapundit has been using this software (netware? webware? Whatever, it's a friggin' website that'll make a poll for your blog). He's been posting, wait for it, polls.
If you hit the view button you can see how everybody voted, and leave comments. Often there will be a comment to the effect: "This poll is biased because its all Instapundit readers."

I have several thoughts on the concept of bias that are swirling and coalescing and things like that and might even become a blog post one day, if they eat their vegetables. Until then, here's my own poll for your voting enjoyment.

Is this poll biased?
pollcode.com free polls

UPDATE: I see I'm up to a whopping 8 votes (as of 9-14). I doubt I have that many visitors, so here's a follow-up poll.

Did you vote more than once?
Yes, and the same way each time
Yes, I voted both ways
The drugs make it hard to remember
pollcode.com free polls

I voted twice.
I may just have to whip up a poll myself.
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