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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
My free gub'mint money came last week
Hey, don't worry where it came from, it's free!

I wasn't too impressed with the plan to 'stimulate' the economy. Just another example of politicians trying to look like they're doing something. So I suppose if I were really going to stand on principle, I'd send it back.

But then I'd have to decide which principle to stand on. Lower taxes? Or good fiscal policy? Can't have both. [Kantian ethics: no help here!] Screw it, I'm keeping the money.

Taking the money can't make things worse, just vote against the dumbasses who thought they could buy our votes with it.

I'm beginning to believe we should all vote straight Democrat tickets and make them face the consequences of their stupidity directly.

Just like they do in New England.
New England - is that a football joke?

The thing about voting against the dumbasses trying to buy our votes, is that the next group are going to be dumbasses and try to buy them too. How many Libertarians running around here? And if I vote for them, will they turn into dumbasses too?
Yeah, no doubt. Look what happened to the '94 House Republicans. I'd like to think it'd take twice as long for the Libertarians to send me lookin' for a fourth party.
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