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Thursday, January 31, 2008
Okay, so recently I ranted about my disillusionment with the presidential primary process. Well this week I had reason to revisit the matter. Did I mention that Giuliani was my guy?
The thing is, between South Carolina on Saturday and Florida on Tuesday, all I heard from the media was 'Rudy needs a big win in Florida,' 'Rudy's almost over,' 'Rudy's way behind,' et cetera. Giuliani's campaign strategy had him concentrating on the bigger prizes like Florida and Super Tuesday, so didn't spend a lot of resources in the earliest states. Probably a lousy plan, but I can't help but wonder how much the media buzz over Iowa, New Hampshire, and SC affected the voters in Florida. And yes, these grapes are rather sour, why do you ask?

BONUS (dirty joke alert): I didn't watch the Democratic debate but saw some post-debate coverage, and Hillary said "I am truly sorry there is a Bush in the White House right now." But if she gets elected...
Oh, finish it yourself.

UPDATE: Couple more things I meant to add. First, I have to own up that a Mister Pterodactyl endorsement in a presidential primary amounts to a kiss of death. My preferred candidate has never even made it to Wisconsin so I could vote for him, much less won the nomination. Second, I would love to see just one article about John McCain that doesn't mention the fact that he was a POW in Vietnam. Seriously, people, anyone who doesn't already know that isn't going to care and sure isn't going to vote. OK I'm done.
C'mon, c'mon... who ya endorsin' now?
I was thinking of going with Al's guy, but then I lost my buzz. Ask this question again on Wednesday.
Al Gore or Al the Philistine?

Either way... How many times do I gotta tell ya. Stop smokin' the cheap crap.
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