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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
I got an email yesterday
Really? You're thinking. An email? You? Holy $^&#! Tell us quickly!

Well OK.

It came from packers-html2@list.packers.com. Which is curious since the Packers newsletter I get (available from the official website) comes from packers-html@list.packers.com. It did have a Packers.com banner at the top, and since ... well, just read the text:

"Finally, someone is standing up for the fans!
State Senator Dave Hansen and State Representative Kitty Rhoades are introducing legislation that would end the standoff between cable providers and independent programmers like NFL Network.
The Fair Access to Networks (FAN) Act sets up a dispute resolution process that allows an neutral arbiter to select between competing proposals for carriage of NFL Network.
If passed into law, the FAN Act would ensure NFL Network will be available in some form to subscribers of big cable companies like Time Warner and Charter Communications.
As you might know, Packers fans who live outside of Milwaukee and Green Bay will not be able to see the November 29th Packers-Cowboys game that will be shown on NFL Network. On top of that, Time Warner and Charter subscribers do not have access to NFL Network's 24/7 football programming. As the Packers march toward the playoffs, there isn't a better time to have access to behind-the-scenes NFL information shown daily on NFL Network.
In order to get the bill passed, fans like you need to let your legislators know you support the FAN Act, and you'd like to see them sign on as a co-sponsor of the Hansen-Rhoades bill.
You can contact your elected official by either: Calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472. The Hotline will be able to get a message to your state legislators.
Or, click here to send your legislators an email."

The link goes to a pretty blatant NFL Network propaganda site. Just as an example, click the 'truth about cable monopoly' link and be treated to the fact, among others, that cable companies want fans to "spend hundreds of dollars a year for additional channels they don’t want," and at the same time have "moved NFL Network to a pay-extra sports tier." Why would people choose to pay extra for (what I assume is) non-basic cable they don't want?

"Please email or call TODAY. Tell your legislator to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Hansen-Rhoades FAN Act. It is time the fans have a voice!
To learn more about the FAN Act, visit
www.football247wisconsin.com today."

I don't need another bunch of talking heads doing canned 'analysis' of this week's games. And my informal poll suggests that the game-time announcers are moderately south of stellar. On the other hand, if I could get weekday replays of good games from the previous weekend, and original Super Bowl broadcasts too (both available, apparently), it might be worth it to me. On the other (other) hand, what happens during the offseason? If I were to write my congressman about this issue, it would be to tell him to just stay out of it.

On the other other other hand (note classic stage reference), I live in the Milwaukee TV market, which really takes the edge off the urgency for me. Enjoy the radio broadcast, suckers!

Uncle Jim has satellite. I suppose I'll go visit him... just to see how he's doing, of course.
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