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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
The truth is out there
I am still searching for the link, but some time ago (week or two) I saw an account of a John Edwards event at which a man said to him, "if people around here knew what was really going on there'd be a revolution overnight."
At the time I read it and moved on. Just another one of that type of person who likes to whine about the government, right? But it stayed with me.
So today it popped into my head and sort of spun in another direction. "If people around here knew what was really going on there'd be a revolution overnight." Let's parse that a little more carefully.

1) Something's going on that is not common knowledge.
2) This something is pretty heinous - so much so that, if they knew, people would completely flip out. No rallies, no letters to the editor, no 'throw the bums out,' just straight to open revolt against the lawfully elected government of the United States.
3) Unlike most of the "people around here," this (presumably hairy and wild-eyed) gentleman knows the above facts.

So he knows that something's going on, and he must have some idea what it is if he thinks it's bad enough to cause a revolution. Right? Again, still searching for the article, but my sense was that his comment was intended to be negative. [Seriously. Stay with me.] Something's going on, and I don't like it, and if other people knew then they wouldn't like it either and by god we could do something about it. IF ONLY PEOPLE KNEW!
But he knows about it, and he's not doing anything.
So what does that make him? Think about that for a minute.

Maybe he's just a dipshit who likes to complain instead of do. If he knows something that would cause such a reaction, why isn't he doing something? Why isn't he telling people the truth? Why isn't he revolting? [Possible poor choice of words there...]

Maybe he's a tragic figure, cursed with knowledge but without power to make a difference, damned to carry his burden forever knowing no one will believe him.

Or, maybe he's in on it. Maybe he's part of the conspiracy to do (something?) and keep the rest of us in the dark. And maybe he's not afraid to go around talking about it because he knows nobody will really believe him, because we're all just a bunch of sheep who'll just assume, y'know, tragic dipshit, and never think past that. Like I did until now. He's seen X-Files. Nobody ever listened to Mulder either. He knows he can go around saying things like "if people around here knew what was really going on there'd be a revolution overnight" and still get away with (whatever) because nobody is really paying attention anyway.

So next time you hear somebody say something like that, grab him. Make him explain what it is that's "really going on around here." Because The Truth Is Out There, and I wanna know.
Or, y'know, maybe he really is just a dipshit. A whiny, tragic dipshit. But just in case...

Speaking of, do you know what Edwards' reply was? "I hear you, brother." Hmmm..

I'll put the link up when I find it. Keep your eyes open. Watch your backs. Et cetera.

So how come he doesn't tell us what it is?
Originally, the 'X Files' had scripted a leading character named Pterodactyl Mulder, but they changed it to Fox shortly before the series began its run.
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