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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Today, while again hawking that dangerous book for boys (subtitle: they’re gonna do stupid s*** anyway), Instapundit quoted this article by Christina Hoff Summers:
“Today's boys inhabit a danger-averse world where even old favorites like tag and dodge ball are under a cloud - Too competitive! Someone might get hurt! The National Parent Teacher Association recommends a cooperative alternative to the fiercely competitive ‘tug of war’ called ‘tug of peace.’”

What the hell is ‘tug of peace’? Oh, here it is: “sit in a circle holding onto a rope place inside the circle in front of their feet. The ends of the rope are tied together to make a huge loop. If everyone pulls at the same time, the entire group should be able to come to a standing position.”

Replacing ‘war’ with ‘peace’ in the name is pretty lame all by itself. But still, couldn’t you see a drill sergeant having a ball with this exercise? I could. UP..DOWN..UP..DOWN..
Sounds like a good team-building exercise too, right? Of course so is tug of war…

Anyway, that search also turned up this Ace of Spades post from 2005, which coincidentally also quotes a Summers article (link bad):
“Which games are deemed safe and self-affirming? … Some professionals in physical education advocate activities in which children compete only with themselves, such as juggling, unicycling, pogo sticking, and even ‘learning to ... manipulate wheelchairs with ease.’”

Overprotective? Political correctness gone mad? Creating a nation of weenies? [Ace thought so.] Relax. Tug of war is not ‘fiercely competitive.’ No game is. People are. I may not have been the most athletic kid around (shaddap) but hey, I was ready to go anyway. And these ‘activities’ just need a little tweaking. Juggling? Bet I can do it longer than you. Pogo sticking? Higher than you. Unicycles? You call that a big welt? Take a look at this!
And wheelchairs? Forget about it. Demolition derby time. Obstacle course. And somebody give the nurse a heads-up too.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and if our educational system leaves one the kids’ll find a way to fill it. Even if they need a little help from home. So if your kid comes home one day talking about playing ‘tug of peace’ in gym class, my advice to you is to give this advice to them: as soon as everybody’s halfway up, let go of the rope.

A rope in the shape of a circle... Didn't Saddam play a court ordered 'tug of peace'?

Iran is already far advanced beyond our barbaric ways. They are developing nuclear devices for peaceful purposes; energy to share with Israel & devices for U.S. consumption.
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