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Saturday, May 12, 2007
Free Advice Department
Attention all rally and/or demonstration enthusiasts: if your chosen location has a lot more auto traffic than foot traffic, please bear in mind that passersby will only have seconds to read your signs. Make 'em legible, people.

Why do I bring it up? Truther demo on the corner near my workplace yesterday. Four guys, black and white signs; 'investigate 9-11,' 'it was an inside job,' that kind of thing. One guy had one that looked like 'stop 9-11,' but on my third pass (yeah, I came back around a couple times) I saw it was 'stop spreading 9-11 lies.' This is what I'm talking about.
Another guy was handing something out to cars at the stoplight. I should have gone around to try and get one, just in case they had something interesting to say. I wasn't that curious though.

Too bad I didn't have a camera.
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