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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Don't ask me what I was doing when I thought of this
You're on the Starship Enterprise, Next Gen version (or later). All your food comes from the replicator, a device that converts energy into matter. Replicators are apparently ubiquitous in human society; one could theoretically eat from them exclusively. No crops need to be grown, no herds tended (with the exception of old-style specialty restaurants like the Siskos' Cajun place). No phenylalanine or Red Dye No. 7 either.

Here's my question. If those pork chops came from a replicator, and not from an actual pig, are they kosher? Could Ensign Winky Goldstein order up the BLT? Or the shrimp cocktail with cheesy fries? Just wondering.
Is Winky Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed, or a secular atheist that is related to Abraham?

Answers in order... No, maybe, don't matter, don't matter.

(My best guess... with a name like Ensign Winky... it don't matter.)
This is what I'm saying. If it didn't come from an actual pig (or cow, or whatever) then that orthodox guy could maybe lighten up a little.
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