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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Must blog...MUST...BLOG....
Having abruptly changed careers, I am currently in a Chicago suburb for a couple weeks of company-sponsored training. And the hotel has free WiFi. Ya know I gotta blog about something.

Of course the only thing I can think of right now is my mild dissatisfaction with my last post. [Steve says he left a comment, but I can't see it. Possibly some Blogger glitch, perhaps he'll try again.]
Mainly, the word 'bitch' at the end was supposed to be tongue in cheek. I don't think it came across that way. I mean, 300 pages of complaining about liberal this and liberal that, and barely a word to spare for the really important issues? BITCH!
Note that Coulter does share at least one characteristic with her liberal bugaboos (bilateral symmetry aside); that is, any kind of a sense of humor. She wouldn't get it in any case.

I should have admitted that I sidestepped a little bit on stem cells - the issue is more where the money's coming from, and less where the stem cells are coming from. Still, it's hard to separate the two, thus all the controversy.

Finally, I meant to say that environmentalists really do get pretty far out there. With her on that. Even moreso animal-rights activists, but they didn't get a mention.

Have more thoughts, will save them for later. Must savor the precious WiFi.
That comment has always come up for me even though it was saying '0 comments'. Now it is saying '1 comment'.

Here it is: "Good post."

"What was that line? Michael Moore, Al Franken, and you wallowing in Muscovite Red Jell-O? Man, you gotta work on those fantasies!"

I don't know what's cookin' with your comment section. Your post says '0 comments' and when I click on it, then click on 'post a comment', then I get to see what I had written several days ago.

I'll keep puttin' em up here and see what gives.
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