Mister Pterodactyl
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
CNN just reported that Kofi Annan has blamed Israel for the deaths of two UN observers in Lebanon (two more are still unaccounted for). Annan stated that the attack on the post was "apparently deliberate."
Needless to say, this pisses me off. On the other hand I'm not really surprised. The UN in general and Annan in particular have never been friends to Israel. This is just one example.
Eyewitness accounts say it was an air attack, not artillery, which does make it likely that the IDF is responsible. But there's a big difference between saying they did it, and saying they did it on purpose. BIG difference.

One other thing I didn't know before today: those katyusha rockets Hezbollah has been lobbing into Israel? Loaded with ball bearings.
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