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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Assorted football-related stuff
My #%Y^*%$ computer crashed and now I have to rewrite all this stuff.

Today the Indianapolis Colts scored a touchdown when the runner, his forward momentum already stopped, thrust his hand forward to put the ball across the goal line, thus 'breaking the plane' of the end zone. I think this rule should be changed. The etymology of the word 'touchdown' comes from the game that football (American football, don't give me that soccer crap) evolved from, in which a player had to actually touch pigskin to dirt inside the end zone to score. I think the NFL needs to adopt such a rule; the ballcarrier should have to place the ball on the ground or be in a position where he could demonstrably do so (i.e. both feet in bounds). Just my opinion.

Rex (the Bears still suck) Grossman looked so pale I thought the network was intentionally black-and-whiting him inside that helmet. Maybe the injury that kept him out most of the season was actually death, and he's a ghost.

There's been a commercial running today in which a guy, who apparently works for a computer-repair company, approaches an AOL executive in his office. His intent is to convince the exec to stop offering various AOL protection features, ostensibly so he can get more business. The exec rebuffs him, and he goodnaturedly goes on his way.
Now, I don't generally put personal information on my blog. [-You don't put anything on your blog lately. -Shaddap.] But here's a clue as to my profession: seeing this commercial, my first thought was "how the hell did this guy even get into the building?"

Further randomness: I predict that TMQ will not address any of these points; I can summon exactly zero excitement over the resumption of this '24' TV show; and having recently caught up on my Grandpa John I note that Steve has had a little debate with this gentleman. I may or may not weigh in later. For now, I say only that I fail to understand Steve's use of the word 'postmodern.'
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