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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Kim Jong-Il: not dead yet
But he has apparently chosen a successor:

"North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has decided to pass the mantle of leadership to his second son, Kim Jong-Chol, according to AERA magazine, a publication of Japan's Asahi Shimbun newspaper. AERA quoted an informed official as saying Kim Jong-Il has made up his mind to transfer his power to his 24-year-old son. North Korea has already begun political indoctrination campaigns during the past several months exalting 'the Commander' Kim Jong-Chol as the legitimate successor to his father's personality cult, the weekly said."

Not terribly surprising. Son number one was out of favor after getting caught sneaking into Japan on his way to Disneyland, and choosing a son-in-law or other family member would make it harder to maintain the divine-inspiration flavor of the Kims' public self-narrative. At any rate, lets hope the succession is soon.
Since you studied Korean, were you hoping...? Nah!
How about we hope for a genetic disorder to surface and take out the entire family?
Hm. I thought I'd commented on this.

Darned if I remember what I thought I'd said.
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