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Sunday, October 09, 2005
End of first quarter. 14-3. Packers fans take note: this is what it's felt like to play us for the last four weeks.

Second. Ferguson just caught a TD pass. 28-3. Blowouts are less fun to watch, but not to worry. We'll go into ball-control/prevent mode in the third quarter. That'll make it interesting.
And what the heck was that celebration move Favre was laying on Ferguson? Looked like some kind of backbreaker WWF thing.

End of half. 35-3. Watch for TMQ to reference the Vince Lombardi Force Field across the visitors' goalposts.

42-3. Refer to 2nd quarter comment: I could be wrong on that. By the way, Donald Lee? Who's that?

Still 42-3. Aaand disaster strikes. Fox has gone away on my TV. The other channels are fine. I'm stuck depending on Yahoo sports.
Now the sound's back, but no picture. It occurs to me that this post isn't going to make a lot of sense to someone who didn't watch the game. Which begs the question: what the hell was so important you couldn't watch the game?
Perhaps you're unfortunate enough to be watching on the BBC.

Picture's back!

Start of fourth. 45-3. Earlier, the booth showed [first-round draft pick] Aaron Rodgers tossing a ball around on the sideline. He said Rodgers was 'warming up,' and remarked that he must be wondering if he were ever going to get in a game.
Duh. Every one of Favre's backups has wondered that.

And he's in the game! I can't believe they got Favre out of there.
Three handoffs, punt. Boring.

Ah, there's the prevent defense. Where ya been?
Look for TMQ to also mention the Saints going for it on 4th and long.

Nick Barnett runs an interception back 95 yards (2nd-longest in team history) and Mister Pterodactyl writes 'game over' in his notebook.

Final thoughts: I think some frustrations got worked out today. Which is healthy, y'know, I wouldn't want my guys bottling that stuff up. Kinda too bad it had to come against the Saints who, let's face it, are looking at a tough year no matter what. But if it's our mental health or theirs, I vote ours.
Player of the game - Grady Jackson.
Nice to see Mike Mckenzie again, too. Hey, no hard feelings, eh?

And I note that Steve managed to comment before the post was even finished.
Yahoo! 1-4, and they're back in the thick of the division race!
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