Mister Pterodactyl
Sunday, September 11, 2005
Well that was embarrassing.
If you guessed that the game just ended, you're right. I'm seeing some promising things - pass coverage solidified after the first quarter, nice pursuit on the tackling, new guards seemed to do all right. Still, should have been a win.

Lessons learned. You can't win with all those drive-killing penalties (aside to Ahmad Carroll: I'm not putting up with that all season). Also, if you buy a Ford truck, you'll be immune to rattlesnakes.
Did they have a commercial with a rattlesnake striking futilely at a Ford truck owner, lol?
You don't watch football, do you?

A guy's loading his truck (on the back forty, I suppose), he walks over to the barb wire fence, sees a rattler, looks scared, the snake strikes, coughs, and keels over. The tough-sounding announcer says 'how tough does your Ford truck make you?'

I gotta get me a truck. Y'know, lots of rattlers in Iowa.
I've got an innie rather than an outie, so no, I don't watch football... come to think of it, neither does my husband, hmmmmmmm. lol

Anyways, that ad sounds hilarious; I hope I see it... we DO have rattlers here in San Diego.
Is that where you are? Somehow I missed that.

I have a Ford truck.

Damn right I'm tough!!

If you ignore all these aches and pains.
Hi Al!! :-)

Yes, I'm in San Diego, near the Miramar Marine base, that used to be a Naval base.
Al: the appropriate spin is, 'I'm so tough even my aches and pains have aches and pains!'
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