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Saturday, September 10, 2005
The Iowa - Iowa State game
Ended a little while ago. From talking to people around here, it's apparently some kind of big deal or something. I watched most of it (I was afraid there might be some local ordinance). Good game. Couple observations.

This is an old one: the announcers named ISU's running back player of the game. He did have a great second half, uncorked some nice runs and was really tough to tackle. However, I quickly got tired of the talk about how he was making the plays, he was taking it into his hands, you know the drill. The announcers seemingly overlooked the fact that he regularly got past the line untouched. See what I'm saying?

[Yeah, I played OL in high school but come on, that was a long time ago.]

This is a new one: I don't know if this is a one-time thing or some new ABC deal, but when they discussed a particular player and put his profile up - you know, picture, personal data - the sidebar contained the following factoids: hometown, father's occupation (in some cases), hobbies, and favorite actress. [Note: Eva Longoria big among 19-20 year olds. Also, two colons in one sentence. Is that allowed?] Here's my question: do these guys have, y'know, majors? Remember when those used to be important? Even when it was 'music appreciation' or 'physical studies'?

I further note that the Badgers played a glorified high school team today. No way to tune up for the Big Ten wars, but whatever. The important football is tomorrow.

Packers on at 3. I am therefore hopeful that they'll be on here.
Sometimes it's hard to get Packer games in a foreign country.

Hometown: Janesville, WI
Dad's Occupation; Pipefitter at G.M.
Hobbies: Goofing off, using colons and semicolons.
Favorite Actress: Hillary Clinton
Major: Un:de:clared.
Favorite Nephew: Lance
Yeah, Steve, I'm sure that's going to do me a ton of good when it's time to read your will.

Ptodd, you live in the Iowa St. portion of Iowa, right?
Steve - I hope Chris doesn't find out about that.

And yeah, ISU is about an hour north of here.
I'm guessin' their majors aren't something to be proud of. I doubt that any of them know that prepositions aren't something to end a sentence with. And the "passive voice" isn't something to make excessive use of.
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