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Friday, September 23, 2005
I miss Maureen Dowd
Never thought I'd say that.
Before the new job and the move, I read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel daily, and could look forward to (average) one MoDo column a week. [The opinion page was my favorite, back then.] Now, I read the Des Moines Register daily, and am treated to at least one per week by (brace yourselves) Molly Ivins.

Of all the fershlugginner...

Both Mo's hate GeeDub and all things Republican. Both believe that everything he does is not merely wrong but grossly immoral, and based in sinister motives to boot. Further, anything that goes wrong, or any bad thing that happens, is ultimately his fault, and anything that goes well...but nothing's going well right now, so that's moot.
But at least Dowd can turn a phrase. Fisking her was fun. Ivins is just a hack. Not worth it.
I'm almost afraid to ask... what's fisking?
Ha! I asked that Ptodd that same question almost a year ago. Fisking is when you rebut somebody else's column or post piece by piece.

Of course Ivins is a hack. Both parties can't be wrong, grossly immoral, and based in sinister motives, and we all know the Dems are all three.
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