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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Guess what I did today...
I went to see Star Wars. And as soon as it was over, I wanted to see it again.

Lots of opinions out there. Instapundit didn't like it (apparently along with the weak dialogue, there was a problem with the sound - the dubbing was off. Must have been the theater he was in; it was fine in mine), and he's got a whole bunch of links to other people who didn't, and who did. Vodkapundit had a different take.

Lots of comments about said weak dialogue. All I can say is I don't go to Star Wars for Oscar-caliber scripts, I go for big space battles and lightsaber duels. And did I get them. [The first half hour in particular is nonstop rock-'em-sock-'em.]

Palpatine was great. Obi-Wan was considerably less annoying than in Clones (and he trimmed the beard!), and Anakin's slide was very well done. And the action scenes... all in all two, er, talons up. It was the best installment of the six, excepting perhaps the first. So taken chronologically, the series started with Jar Jar Binks and ended with Ewoks, but it got pretty good in the middle.

Okay, the love scenes were kind of irritating.

As far as the political stuff, well, I've already commented on that. But here's Mickey Kaus's position (copied with apologies because you still can't link directly to Kaus): [T]he idea that Episode III is a Bush/Iraq allegory is silly. Isn't it obvious the movie is really an allegory for the filibuster fight? The Sith are judicial activists who would use the Force to satisfy their passions. The Jedi are the believers in judicial restraint (hence their concern with rules and democracy, their quasi-Buddhist self-denial, etc.). The story initially promises a climactic showdown between these two factions, but the violent battle turns out to merely set up the later, definitive conflict in Episodes IV, V and VI. It kicks the can down the road!
I like it.
We saw it this weekend. Gonna take the big kids on Father's Day weekend. I agree with you: I don't recall any of the poorly delivered bad dialog that the last three (chronologically speaking) had. And the action scenes were intense.

Made Mitchell try to guess which character kicked the most ass. Correct answer: R2-D2.
Still haven't seen it, but Lileks enjoyed it.
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