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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
No point, really...
...but, well look, nobody likes to be lied to. But I find it infinitely more irksome to be lied to badly. Make an effort, people.
Is this something I should be worried about?
Seriously, if this is about the 25 For Freedom thing, I will take responsibility for not getting you in. You're in if you want to be. Your credentials look great to me.

Invadesoda has jumped the gun a bit, but consider the topic he's chosen. I mean, pre-Adam Smith!

Call him a Sooner. Of course, since I have dibs on Bastiat, call me a Sooner, too.

What the Hell! Let's have a competition on who has the best post on Bastiat!
Actually, I'm referring to an incident the other day at work; a guy lied to me in such an obvious way that it was almost comical.

I should be able to get into the freedom thing this weekend.
God, there're already too many pictures of me here! The glare off my dome is hurting my eyes.

I've had tough times at work. It can be as bad there as anywhere... or worse.

My understanding of Higher Law said stay... But it's up to you and your best interests.

Call me Bhaghwan.
If Al is vouching for you, then you are definitely who we are looking for. He told me you were having issues reading my blog though. I haven't gotten any other complaints. What browser are you using?
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