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Sunday, April 10, 2005
Hardest-working blogger around. Not.
New city, new apartment, new job, you understand.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you move to a new place, you inevitably wind up buying a bunch of stuff for it? I'd have thought that the stuff I used in my old apartment would suffice for this one. Nope. New clothes aside (I knew I'd need those), I'm spending a ton of money.

Really only seems that way, but still.

Eventually there will be additional furniture, but that can wait. Now [that all the other stuff is out of the way] all I need is more dishes. Being a single guy, I don't have more dishes than I need for my personal use. However my new apt has a feature that my old one lacked: a dishwasher. This diabolical device is obliging me to purchase additional dishes merely to have enough to fill it up; inefficient to run the thing for one plate, a couple bowls, and some odd silverware. Of course there's a bright side - it's not inconceivable (shaddap) that I'll have people over, and I'll have enough to accommodate them.

Notwithstanding, I've discovered a loophole in my dishwasher's scheme. I'm washing by hand and putting them in there to dry. Marvel at my ingenuity. And don't say anything. It might hear you.

PS: According to Al at Old Whig, both Liberty Bob and Iowahawk are my new neighbors. I'll have to give them a ring.

[Iowahawk lives in Iowa? Who'd've guessed?]
Todd, in my experience, paper plates do not do well in dishwashers.
I defer to your experience.
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