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Saturday, February 12, 2005
This should make Lance happy.
Indeed it does. The party chairman's two main functions are fundraising and message - Dean wouldn't seem to be the ideal candidate. I wonder if the Democrats are just jumping on the fad of the day here.

On the other hand, I thought Dean would be a more difficult opponent for Bush, if he had won the primary, than a lot of my fellow Republican hacks seemed to think. He did have some moderate-to-conservative positions, particularly on gun control. He can't possibly be stupid. I haven't closed the door on him quite yet.
Well, McAuliffe raised a lot of money, but lost so many elections. I'll miss him.
Awwwwwww, isn't it CUTE when Democrats pretend they're going to fool a greater % of people? ;-)
Dean has proven his ability to raise money. Particularly via the blogosphere.

It puts the onus on us (is that a palindrome?) to organize to defeat him.

Your local Townhall Meetup is one place to start. I can never actually make the meetings, but it pays for us to keep in touch with them. My local Meetup is chaired by the guy who runs Anti-strib.blogspot.com.

Townhall.com is the site to go to for info on that.
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