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Monday, February 28, 2005
I can’t even tell you how many of my posts have died on the vine in the last couple weeks. It’s really kind of frustrating. There are a few that I may revisit soon; sometimes they take a while to pop.

There’s the essay on immigration, for instance. How come nobody ever asks why illegal immigrants can’t come to the U.S. legally? Seems like an obvious question. Then the MJS had an opinion piece about that very thing, which I can find nowhere on the web. Working on it.

MoDo wrote a column about a conservative lobbying group that’s opposing the AARP on Social Security reform. She manages to (again) insert the Swift Boat Vets into the argument, and there's a reference to Wile E. Coyote that gave me an idea. Always fun to pick on MoDo, but alas nothing.

Oh, and I went ahead and read Ward Churchill’s funny little screed. [Summary: 9-11 was payback for Iraqi sanctions, which are the fault solely of the evil Americans; America is like Nazi Germany and the hijackers were like Allied pilots bombing Dresden; America is evil and anyone who takes part in or benefits from our economic system (read: all of us) is a collaborator, thus the Eichmann thing. Okay?] Two things I noticed: one, Churchill actually missed his own point. More on that later. Two, after publishing the piece Churchill wrote an addendum that was really funny. He abandons the ‘revenge-for-Iraqi-children’ theory and suggests that the 9-11 hijackers were avenging, among others, the Japanese at Hiroshima, the Navajo on the Trail of Tears, and African slaves crossing the Middle Passage. I find that unlikely. Possibly he believes it was karma coming back to bite us. Because we’re so evil.

Finally, the ad banner at the top of Wonkette’s site appears to rotate, but the one I see most often has a caricature of Bush and says, “Many U.S. citizens think the world backed the war in Iraq. Maybe it’s the papers they’re reading.” The ad is selling subscriptions to the Guardian.
How many of you know anybody (anybody American) who believed the rest of the world was behind us? Apparently a large number of Guardian readers think that many U.S. citizens think the world backed the war in Iraq. Maybe it’s the papers they’re reading.

Professor Churchill doesn't mention that our moral superiors, the "Islamic East" were three centuries into their own 800 year long conquest of the world "about 1,000 years ago."

I'd have some sympathy with the guy if he were arguing for freedom and free trade against slavery and forced trade.
Totally. Hate America First!
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