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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Here's what I've been thinking about...
Geometry: a point can be defined as a zero-dimension object, having no extension in any direction. A line (more precisely a segment of a line) is a one-dimensional object bounded by two zero-dimensional points. A square is a two-D object bounded by four one-D lines, and a cube is a three-D object bounded by six two-D squares.

So, an object of whatever dimension is basically defined by some number of objects of the next lower dimension. Also note the progression: two points, four lines, six squares. What occurs to me is that a four-dimensional object should be bounded by eight three-D cubes.

This is where I run up against the cognitive limitations of my species. If a cube can be represented in two dimensions (as we all know it can be), a four-D object might likewise be represented in three.

Any ideas? Anyone?

This is why I shouldn't read your blog before my second cup of coffee.
Yeah, but at least he's a sissy in four dimensions. Cogitate on that!
The latest thing I've heard is that there are TEN dimesions... the mind boggles!! :-O
Yeah, that's string theory. The other spatial dimensions are tiny, so you never notice them. I wrote a couple posts about it a while ago.
Yeah, they put me off o' theoretical physics for good.
You mean the extra dimensions or my posts?
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