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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Not One Damn Dime Day
Have you heard of this? Apparently an email is going around urging people to boycott all consumer spending on Inauguration Day as a protest against the war in Iraq. Ann Althouse has a good post about it. She quotes Snopes – “one of the least effective forms of symbolic protest one could devise: it literally proposes that people do nothing,” and Citizen Z – “Take action by doing nothing.' It's a protest and a zen koan!” There’s that koan again. Keeps coming up at AA's.

This reminds me of something I saw a couple years ago. I was at a nearby University of Wisconsin branch campus, and noticed a sign a student group had put up. It declared a day later in the week to be Human Rights Day, and called on students and faculty to show their support for human rights around the world. And to show that support it asked that, on that day, everybody … wear blue jeans. I found this unbearably funny. I wear blue jeans on most days (I’m blogging in them now), and as I looked around I saw well over half the people in the hallway wearing them too.

These are two good cases of damning by low expectations. Or possibly broadening the message into oblivion. Take a cause that nobody could possibly disagree with (in the latter case, anyway; I suppose the originators of the former at least believe it about theirs), then suggest a course of action that is so easy to do that no one will be a bit inconvenienced and in many cases will be doing anyway. Then you can claim that your event was a success.

But hey, next time you’re out somewhere and you see people in blue jeans, make sure to congratulate them on their bold stance. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

And then they are going to turn their backs on him at the inauguaration, too. It smacks of a two year old's tantrum to me.
Random drop. Preety plain blog, you got going. Drop back.

Todd, here's another good idea!
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