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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
The inimitable wit and accidental genius of Ann Althouse
First, “I’ll link to that/I’ll drink to that.” I can’t excerpt and convey the idea, just go read it.

Second, in a post that's actually about stay-at-home dads, this gem: “this is a chicken-and-egg conundrum: do people do boring things because they are boring or are they boring because they do boring things?” That’s beautiful. It’s like a Zen koan. I began to contemplate it. It turns out, though, that my scientific tendencies are considerably stronger than my inner Buddhist. I’ll explain.

AA continues, “I'm inclined to think boringness is a big complex interactive mix of inherent tendencies and acquired attributes.” Well, she’s a law professor. To me it’s much more simple. She has unwittingly identified the two types of boring people. There are intrinsically boring people (the ones who are born), and there are people who become boring through boring lifestyles (those who are made).

The question is, how does one determine which type individual boring people are? Without having to actually get to know them, I mean. They are boring, after all. Discuss.

Finally, she links to the first ever use of the word 'blog.' Not necessarily a flattering use, but still historically significant.

We boring people have no comment.

I chuckled over the Blog cartoon, but somehow I forgot where I found it.
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