Mister Pterodactyl
Thursday, January 20, 2005
According to this story, Afghanistan is sending a relief team and 300 tons of supplies to Aceh to help with tsunami relief. Afghanistan.

This is a sign of something. Not sure what, but it must be good.

Many would probably say that it was heroine to relieve the suffering.
It's the robustness of their society: "We've got problems, sure, but you've got worse ones, so... What can we do for ya?"

I think it was the Faustino Ballve book that failed to explain to me (don't blame him - Bambi also failed in that regard) how it's advantageous for a country to both import and export a product - in this case crisis assistance.

I suppose it comes back to the fact that it's not a "country" doing it: it's individual property holders.
No, it's the government. Karzai said they want to show that they can be a useful member of the world community again.
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