Mister Pterodactyl
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
I ain't got time to blog, I gotta go vote!

UPDATE: Mmmm, democracy.

I got there around 8:15 AM, maybe ten cars in the lot. I saw one Bush bumper sticker and one Kerry, plus a bonus Feingold. More people inside than usual. Three or four standing at the entrance. Line? Nope. "Hi, are you registered?" "Yes." "Go on up to the table." Six women at the table, three busy apparently registering new voters (I did see a driver's license on the table), three free. "Name? Address?" Two of them start looking through their Big Book of Registered Voters. It's a race! The one on my left finds it, marks it and gives me my ballot.

Wisconsin's ballots: find your candidates, fill in the arrows next to them, feed the form to the beep machine. Electronic counting, paper trail. I was voter # 110, District 1, Ward 2.

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