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Monday, November 29, 2004
Aaaand Brett Favre takes the field for his 200th start. I've broken out the Nitschke jersey for the occasion. Updates as I feel like it.

UPDATE: so what happens? Three and out, defensive TD by a couple rookies. That's it, Brett. Spread the wealth.

UPDATE II: 36 consecutive games with a touchdown. Sweet. Passed Marino for consecutive seasons with 20+ TDs, too.

By the way, is it just me, or does Sherman look a little silly in all that yellow?

TWO MINUTE WARNING: What, are we in prevent already?

BONUS HALFTIME STATISTICAL ANOMALY: the Packers have not lost a game on the last weekend of November in 25 years. [Update: make that 26.]

Third quarter: what in the world were the Rams thinking with that fake field goal?

ABC trivia question: who caught Brett Favre's very first reception? Hints: future hall-of-famer, never caught another pass. I really should have gotten that one.

Somebody tell Martz to start reading TMQ! 6:30 (ish) left in the game, down 14 points, and the Rams punt from the Packers 37. Granted, it was 4th and 17, but come on. What have you got to lose?

Y'know, I must say I'm a little dismayed by our pass defense. Bulger is a good QB, and the Rams' receivers are at least as good as ours, but geez. It's especially glaring being the only weak spot.
On the other hand, Bulger passed for well over 400 yards but they only scored 17 points. That ain't bad.

One minute left: another defensive touchdown. Yowza.

Aaaand that's all, folks.

Green Bay is playing Minnesota at a special time (2 PM Central) on Christmas Eve. Anybody else think that game could decide the division? On second thought, nah. The Vikings'll choke before then.

Finally, for those of you who missed it (and what was so important that you couldn't watch the Packers?), the answer to the trivia question: the ball was tipped and Favre caught it himself.

Ah, that was great. Pitiful how the Rams disintegrated at the end, but I'm glad it was them and not us.
That wasn't their prevent defense! Yikes!
A thought I had early in the game was, what was with all the dancing out of bounds? It looked like the Rams had decided on a game plan of wussing out when they could have gained a couple more yards by pounding a defender.

I was very pleased that our guys didn't seem to be doing that. Especially Davenport. I love the way that guy plays.
Todd, did you read TMQ yesterday? Check out his cheerleader of the week - I think she flies the same kind of plane Bill "Couch" Walsh did.
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