Mister Pterodactyl
Sunday, October 17, 2004
That's the Packers we've all come to know and love.
The announcers kept saying how hard it is on the players to lose four in a row. Y’know, it wasn’t that easy to watch either.

Speaking of announcers, Brian Baldinger and Dan Miller? Who’s that?

That’s what happens when you lose four in a row, I guess. But could somebody remind them that Jamie Sharper does not play for the Packers?

Gender equality watch: Jennifer Hammett (?), the first woman-on-the-field who doesn’t look like a supermodel. [And did everybody notice that adoring gaze she laid on Sherman?]

O-line looks much better. I’d been thinking that (center) Mike Flanagan’s season-ending injury might have had a greater effect on their play than people were saying, the center being responsible for directing the line. Maybe Ruegamer’s improving. Anyway, Detroit’s defense looked like they were on roller skates the whole second half.

Nice blocking on Darren Sharper’s interception return.

Ahman Green throws a pass. Didn’t see that coming.

Next week, Dallas. Don’t think I’ve forgotten those seven losses in a row (in, like, four seasons), all at their house.

Yeah, Dallas. I lived in Texas during that whole losing streak to the Cowboys. I couldn't depend on the Packers so I had to depend on my rapier wit to counter all the abuse from the Cowboy fans!
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