Mister Pterodactyl
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
A few days ago I declared a moratorium on political blogging. Looks like I got out just in time.

"Incredibly, Van der Leun's is not the first case in which a blogger's head has spontaneously exploded during these last few days of the campaign. Five bloggers are known to have exhibited of HCB in the last week.
The most recent explosion occurred just two days ago at Instapundit, when Glenn Reynolds' skull burst but his blog kept on updating itself oblivious to Mr. Reynold's absence. Documents unsealed in Washington today, disclosed that fading blogger Andrew Sullivan's head actually exploded in early 2004, but duct tape, chewing gum, and love has kept that blog's keyboard humming in the grisly aftermath."

Phew. Via Roger Simon.

I know the feeling. I almost went myself.
Wouldn't you like to know how many votes, if any, were influenced by what people had on their blogs?
Omni, that is a GREAT idea.
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