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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Caught part of the veep debate last night. Right now the Fox News talking heads are pitching canned questions at one of their endless string of 'experts' about who won and what got accomplished and I'm already sick of the postgame, so just one comment. What the hell was that thing on Edwards' lapel? [It was like a little silver disk. What's that about?]

UPDATE: okay, one more. This one’s been bugging me.

John Kerry on pre-emption: “you've got to do it in a way that passes the test. That passes the global test where your countrymen, your people understand fully why you're doing what you're doing."

John Edwards, after Cheney referred to that remark: “now, I want to go back to something the vice president said just a minute ago, because these distortions are continuing. He said that -- made mention of this global test. What John Kerry said -- and it's just as clear as day to anybody who was listening --he said: We will find terrorists where they are and kill them before they ever do harm to the American people, first. We will keep this country safe…. He also said very clearly that he will never give any country veto power over the security of the United States of America.
Now, I know the vice president would like to pretend that wasn't said, and the president would too. But the reality is it was said.”

Edwards is trying to steer the debate toward the parts (of Kerry's statement) that he'd rather have people remember, and implicitly accusing Cheney of doing the same thing. [Which of course he is, nothing wrong with it for either of them, but Little John wants him to look like the bad guy.] I think Cheney missed a good opportunity to score on Edwards here. I don’t remember what he said (and can’t be bothered to check the transcript), but it wasn’t this: “I am not ‘pretending’ he didn’t say those things. I know he did, I heard him. But he said the other thing too, and Senator, the two just don’t jibe. I want to know, the American people want to know, what ‘global test’ means.”

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