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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Worth-A-Chuckle Department:

This international poll: “In today's world, all nations are inextricably interconnected. The United States is the most powerful and influential nation in the world. Everyone everywhere will be affected by the upcoming U.S. presidential election. What if the whole world could vote in this election? " (Via Tim Blair)

Not that I'm taking it seriously, so far it’s not looking good for Bush; as of this writing only 13% support worldwide. [Single-digit support coming from 33 countries, 20 of them in Europe. High mark from Niger (?) at 95%, Low from Croatia at 3%.] However…

Scroll on over to the Koreas. ‘Korea, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of’ is the long version of ‘Korea, North,’ and ‘Korea, Republic of’ is ‘Korea, South.’ Okay? Notice that more people from NK than SK have voted (31 to 21), and that NK voters actually support Bush 58%-41% while SK voters go for Kerry 71%-28%. I smell foul play.

So why would NK be going for Bush? [Bearing in mind that there's like, one internet connection in the whole country, unless you tap into Chinese phone lines which is expensive, unreliable, and RISKY.] I have some theories.

One: it's part of some convoluted, Machiavellian scheme by NK government officials to overthrow the regime and take Kim Jong-Il's video collection.

Two: it's a backdoor (and again, this ain't Wonkette so no snickering) attempt to undermine Bush by making it seem like Kim wants him back.

Three: Kim has multiple personality disorder.

Anybody got any more? 'People are voting dishonestly' doesn't count.

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