Mister Pterodactyl
Thursday, September 23, 2004
Just saw a pretty good Russ Feingold commercial on Fox. Missed the first part of the voice-over (he's shaking hands with some scary biker dudes after struggling to get past their bikes), but next:

[Voice-over in italics] With another man, looking at a piece of abstract art that's just a big black dot on a white field: you expect me to be independent. “Seriously, how long did it take you to paint that?”

At a movie theater snack bar: you expect me to dig deeper. “What is your profit margin on this stuff?”

On a football field, the scoreboard in the background shows 'Home 17, Away 20:' you expect me to ask the tough questions. “So, coach, are you sorry you didn’t go for the field goal?”

I like it. If I see it again I'll come back and add in the first part.

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