Mister Pterodactyl
Monday, August 16, 2004
Off today, so catching a little Olympics action. [Managed to see the second quarter of US men’s roundball getting their asses handed to them by Puerto Rico yesterday.] Right this second, I’m seeing men’s synchronized diving. Here’s my question: men’s synchronized diving?

I think the expansion of Olympic events has gotten out of hand. Frankly, while they’re fun to watch, I’d eliminate the majority of ‘sports’ in which the winners are picked by judges. As opposed to, say, the traditional first-across-the-finish-line method. I’ll allow a grandfather clause for (individual) diving, gymnastics, and ice skating, but synchronized diving? Synchronized swimming? Halfpipe snowboarding? And what about that dance thing with the ribbons? [Anybody got any more?] Fun to watch, true, but Olympic sports? Please.

I am, nevertheless, fascinated.

Side note: I observe that in this event, five out of the ten judges are (apparently at random) selected to make up the score for each dive. What’s that about?

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