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Monday, July 05, 2004
There's a sucker born every minute.

Often when I refer to my ‘local paper’ I’m talking about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. But the city I actually live in has its own paper, the Racine Journal Times. The RTJ has a feature called ‘Debatable,’ which takes an issue of the day and presents (usually superficially) the case for each side. On Sunday, July 4th, the issue was “Does the U.S. need foreign observers to ensure a free election in November?” It's not on their website yet.
Here’s what they’re talking about. Nine members of Congress wrote a letter to Kofi Annan asking that the UN keep an eye on things, ostensibly to prevent another Florida fiasco. Link via Rantingprofs, who had something to say to them:
“While you were making your point, did you take even thirty seconds to stop and wonder how this would play in the Arab world, where we are struggling to make even the smallest democratic reforms possible, but where no matter what we do the anti-American elites and press assume our motives are self-centered? Where no matter what we do we are always labelled hypocrites?”

Here’s what I have to say to the RJT: don’t you know a publicity stunt when you see one?

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