Mister Pterodactyl
Saturday, July 24, 2004
Okay look, could we possibly at long last stop with the notion that by disagreeing with somebody we're trying to take away their right to free speech?  I realize that was a poorly structured sentence but stay with me.  If you read blogs (and, well, you're reading this one), you may have guessed that this post was provoked by a certain Vegas lounge act, who got a rather ugly reaction from her audience when she began praising a certain giant tub of lard whose name is not to be mentioned here ever.  [Another goofy sentence... must be my day for it.]  Rather the news coverage, really, which included interviews with some of the audience members.  Some complained they don't care for a dose of politics in their entertainment.  Some blasted the loony left, some praised it.  Others said things to the tune of "she has the right to free speech and they shouldn't be trying to take it away from her."
Now, I don't know exactly how ugly the crowd got, but they paid their money and if they want to boo and walk out, that's their business.  Y'know what?  They're exercising their right to free speech too.  If anybody ever tries to derail an argument with you this way, tell them that.
Side note: I was amused by the initial reaction of Democrat talking heads to the Sandy Berger deal.  Also by the spin showing up in the press.  It's a Republican plot!  Now, I'll give you that it's possible that someone leaked this to steal thunder just prior to the convention, but you have to give me that Berger's actions are pretty damn suspicious.  Supposing both are true, I'll expect that they're dealt with in the order in which they occurred.

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