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Saturday, July 17, 2004
I've been reading a lot in the 'sphere about this account of an airplane passenger witnessing what she thought might be a terrorist cell preparing an attack (all links via Instapundit).  Michelle Malkin is on the beat and seems to have confirmed the basic facts.  I nevertheless share Donald Sensing's skepticism; I mean, fourteen guys in one attack is way too many.  [Hey, they say AQ's structure is a lot more horizontal these days, maybe it was three cells that happened to target the same plane?  Aw, shaddap.]
However, it got me thinking about what I'd do in that situation.  So armed with some really good advice from the dead-on Den Beste (and I'm starting to wonder what planet that guy's from), I've come up with a plan.  Rather than get up to address the whole plane, as some have suggested, I'll start moving around and talk to the other passengers in small groups.  Ask them if they're willing to help if the worst happens, pass on the aforementioned advice, make suggestions for coordination (cover the areas they're sitting in, guard external doors, and don't forget, chivalry's out, knees to the groin are encouraged.).  Also, I'll go to somebody in first class and have them protect the cockpit.  I want a human wall around that thing.
I figure this'll accomplish three things.  First, knowing that others are going to get involved will encourage people to act.  Second, it may reassure the frightened.  Third, it will probably make them aware that we're aware and maybe even forestall the attack.  And I am aware of all the 'yeah, but' factors, BUT it's worth a shot.
Of course, I'll have to remove my coat and tie, since I'll be dressed like a fed.
[Full disclosure: I altered this post.  I didn't like the way it was written the first time.]

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