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Monday, July 19, 2004
Rantingprofs is on vacation.

Heavy sigh.  This is definitely something I wanted to show her.
Here’s yesterday’s NYT article on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report (here’s Instapundit’s discussion, where I got it; make sure to read Tom Maguire's remarks).  Note the headline: “New Reports Again Question Whether Iraq Sought Uranium in Niger.”  Now, here’s the headline of the exact same article picked up by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Reports reopen question of Iraq seeking uranium.”
What’s more, the piece in the MJS print edition contains a bit that's not in the NYT online version.  Here it is:
News coverage earlier this month disputed Wilson’s assertion that he had “debunked” suspicions that Iraq attempted to buy uranium from Niger.
“Time and again, Joe Wilson told anyone who would listen that the president had lied to the American people, that the vice president had lied and that he had ‘debunked’ the claim that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa,” committee chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) pointed out in a statement of “additional views” signed by two other GOP senators. 
In fact, the report said Wilson’s information, instead of steering the CIA away, “lent more credibility to the original Central Intelligence Agency reports on the uranium deal.” 
Unfortunately, being a Times article it isn’t on the MJS website, and I haven’t found it anywhere else on the net, either.  I actually had to type it in instead of copy/pasting!
I assume the difference is the result of the editorial process; the NYT puts stuff on the wire and each publication edits it as they see fit.  In this case, the NYT’s editor cut this part out (for “space considerations,” no doubt – Fox News is biased!) while the MJS’s left it in.  Still, it feels odd to find the longer version in a different paper.
Anybody know if that’s the case?  Anybody know where the full article might be found?

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