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Friday, June 04, 2004
Having a rough time writing lately. Just a quick note today.

I’ve mentioned my dissatisfaction with the presidential primary system before.
The Iowa caucus isn't even representative of Iowa's citizens, much less the rest of the country. And yet they're first every time, and candidates take it seriously. Gephardt dropped out after Iowa, and others were leaving the race after just four or five more. I think that's pretty screwed up.

Not once in my life has my preferred candidate still been in the race when my home state held its primary vote. Even this year, when the vote was moved up to February. The system makes some votes count more than others, it creates pressure for states to compete with each other for influence, and it’s causing a race to the front. And that’s the reason we’re now suffering through this interminable campaign season.

Tradition aside, there's no reason at all that Iowa and New Hampshire should have such an inordinate influence on the decision. And how many states held their votes after Kerry was the last man standing? Anybody know?

So, here’s an idea that I’ve seen proposed before but can’t remember where (it didn’t originate with me). Step one: group the states into five or six regions. Step two: have one ‘regional’ primary per week, starting in (say) July. Step three: rotate the order in which the primaries are held, so each one gets a chance to be first.

Wouldn't that be more fair?
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