Mister Pterodactyl
Monday, May 03, 2004
I was hopping around the ‘sphere when I came across somebody (okay, I forgot who) wondering why we’re not hearing more about the Proliferation Security Initiative. I’ve been thinking the same thing. So…

I found this, an interview with undersecretary of state (for arms control and international security) John Bolton. He says that PSI actions won’t be made public, at least not right away. And this, a lengthy and detailed description of PSI that says the same thing.
I suppose it makes sense; Don’t want would-be proliferators coming up with ways to avoid interdiction. Some successful operations would be great PR though, and I really want to know if they're having success.
There have been several training exercises at least, the latest just ending on April 22 and dubbed ‘Clever Sentinel.’ Follow the links on the Global Security site to see for yourself.

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