Mister Pterodactyl
Tuesday, April 06, 2004
No posts the last couple days. Perhaps you’ve noticed. I’ve got stuff in the pipeline, but I’ve been busy watching the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine marathon on Spike TV. No time to write.

I did take some time off from watching TV to rent a video. I saw Matrix: Revolutions, finally. When this film came out it got panned big time in the ‘sphere, and I can see why. In the context of the whole trilogy I think this movie works, but on it’s own it lacked the martial arts magic of the others. Instead, endless scenes of machines fighting people with machines. Gimme that Matrix magic. [I have more thoughts, but I’m not gonna ruin it for somebody else.]

Here’s what I’m wondering. Every VHS rental (I don’t have a DVD player) starts with this disclaimer: ‘this movie has been modified from its original version; it has been formatted to fit your screen.’ How do they know how big my screen is?
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