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Sunday, April 25, 2004
Apologies to those of you who come to Mister Pterodactyl first for Packers news. I sleep in the daytime and I completely forgot that the draft was this weekend.

So, cornerbacks with the first two picks. Handwriting on the wall regarding McKenzie? I hope not, but it doesn't look good. About that, a couple thoughts for Mike. First, cornerbacks do not make personnel decisions (I've read that he's unhappy that some coach or other didn't get promoted - unconfirmed). Second, and more importantly, you may believe that your play warrants more money and you may be right. You're a gem; I've thought so since you were a rookie. But you signed a contract. If the team isn't willing to renegotiate, live with it. You'll get another chance.

DT with their third pick. The guy looks good and we could use some help on the line. 6'6", 330 lbs, 5.0 40 yd dash, 32" vertical, benches 510. Showoff.

Fourth pick, a punter. I hate it when they draft punters that high, even when he's the best in the nation (Ray Guy award, 42.2 yd average). He'd better be great.

Finally, no surprise that we got defensive players first. We might have added to our receiver corps or OL; the former came on strong last season but could still be better, the latter is fantastic but won't stay together much longer. But Eli was already gone and so was Lee Evans, and the D needed shoring up. Stay tuned, sports fans.

UPDATE: Another gigantic DT and a center on the second day. Traded away a bunch of picks to move up spots.
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