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Monday, March 08, 2004
If humans evolved from monkeys...why are there still monkeys?

Just when I think they couldn't come up with something I care even less about - Kobe, Martha, Michael, Janet, the latest stupid reality show, the Sopranos, etc. - the news has been full of this Jesus movie for weeks. At least they've stopped trotting out priests (to talk about what a riveting religious experience it was to watch this guy get his ass kicked for two hours) and rabbis (to explain how watching Jews egg on the Romans is hurting everyone's self-esteem), but now they're busy examining all the money the thing is making.

How come nobody thought of calling it "The cash-in of the Christ"? Come on!

If you're wondering what the headline has to do with any of that, short answer: nothing. I'm on a new book about extraterrestrial life; following a lengthy discussion of how life evolved on Earth, it's now trying to explain how life might have gotten started in the first place (short answer: nobody knows). Also, Slate has a three-part article about how the universe will eventually end (short answer: nobody knows). Recommended reading.

P.S. Martha, good luck with all that. Hey, at least you don't have to worry about dropping the soap.
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